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We Offer a wide variety of services to complete any requiriments around Digital Transformation and what eCommerce and Digital Marketing mean. We help integrating online and offline and we cover different sectors with our experience


We help companies in their way to omnichannel and complete service coherence to their clients. Adapting systems, processes and, above all people is our main goal.

eCommerce, SEO & Marketing Automation

Selling online, both mobile and fullsite, is a must for many companies. Our consultants are experts on SEO, campaign management and eCommerce strategies.

Development, Microservices & API's

System architecture should always offer propper mechnisms to omnichannel.  Creating microservices and utiziling properly API’s is key to achieve this.

Quality Assurance

In IT systems quality is a must-have. Our philosophy puts this concept in front of any action, thus we come up with a QA approach in any development.

Offline Digitalization

Those companies who have offline stores are facing the challenge to enable their systems realtime for their customers in order to have information coherence. Our consultants can help here


Data capturing is important but understanding what is going on is vital. Preparing and controling data analytics is crucial for any company, regardless the sector.


We are tech-agnostics, we adapt to actual tecnology in each client and we do recommend the best solution to every need. However, we found many scenarios where some of the solutions we have were a perfect fit. Now we have alliances to help our clients save both time and money.


Simply the best Feed Manager, enabling dealing with market places and product feed management in a simple and visual way. It comes with lots of other cool and time-saving features for eMarketers.


Mapsted provides indoor mapping using a revolutionary new technology that works on every smart phone. It doesn’t need wifi or an internet connection and it uses minimal data and battery power.

When you enter a mapped facility, Mapsted can guide you to your destination. It also lets you know about discounts and special offers you’ll find along the way, based on the personal interest profile that you can fill out when you download the app.

How can we help in your Marketing needs?​

With our Experience we can help you with

Branding & Content Mkt

Branding positioning, logo and corporate image creation, content creation strategies. Story telling and media publishing

Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

Detection, hiring and promotion of relevant people who can help positioning the company and raise the visibility and brand reputation.

Web&APP Development

We can develop high quality Web sites, eCommerce sites from small to large, mobile APP both Native or hybrid, and help with offline digitalization.


We can provide training in a wide range of technologies to empower your staff making them more proficient in their daily tasks.

Some of our clients

These companies are part of the client list that trusted AdaptaTec to succeed in their digital needs

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